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Dear Presenters and Guests,

Ayubowan and welcome to the annual Queensland Corporate Finance Conference (QCFC)!


This is a small boutique conference aimed at advancing the knowledge in the general areas of Corporate Finance and Banking. QCFC has already become one of the most prestigious corporate finance conferences in the Asia-Pacific region. We bring together the world’s foremost leaders of thought from the financial community, providing both the international and local academics the opportunity to meet and share their research and interest in corporate finance-related fields such as capital investments, capital leverage, mergers and acquisitions, corporate banking, corporate control, ownership and capital structure, and investor protection.


The success of our conference depends on the hard work of the conference organization committee, the support from the QUT Business School, and, most importantly, you the participants. For the incredible dedication and hard work, I would like to thank the organizing committee members Sean Wu and Marco Elia and the school’s Executive Assistant Kristin Trost. For the generous support, I would like to thank the Head of School Pascalis Raimondos, the Associate Dean of Research Paula McDonald, and the Executive Dean Amanda Gudmundsson.


Finally, I hope that all of you will enjoy our conference and will continue to support QCFC as well as encourage your colleagues to participate in the coming years.


Ruchith Dissanayake

Ruchith Dissanayake
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